Weston Portable Vacuum Sealer Review

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So, what is so different about the
The first thing is, it is PORTABLE!!!
This is an awesome idea for those of us that often go camping, fishing and hunting. It gives you the ability to actually take the unit on-the-go with you. It comes with a 12v adapter that can be used in your car, truck, or boat.
Let’s take a look at a few of the specs:
  • Up to 50 consecutive seals
  • Adjustable seal time
  • Digital display
  • Pulse mode for moist and delicate foods
  • Seal only mode for making bags out of rolls
  • 2mm thick seal bar
  • Accepts bags up to 11” wide
The first thing you may notice that was mentioned, is that it will seal 50 consecutive seals. This is important because not many sealers can do this, as they get too hot and are not always able to keep up. That is not a problem for this sealer! The Weston Harvest Guard, has an automatic safety feature to shut it down if it becomes too hot. Safety First! The unit is also not one of those heavy, bulky sealers. It is nicely designed, very easy to use, and very affordable!
For our first test, we chose to try it out with a thick cut of steak. We simply put the meat in the bag, aligned it as directed, hit the ‘start’ button and the unit does all the work for you. It pulls out the air and seals it the bag automatically. Once it is finished, the top pops up to let you know it’s all done.
vaccuum sealer 015vaccuum sealer 019
                   (pictured: the steak test)                                                      (pictured: seal line)
Weston also offers vacuum canisters, now this we LOVED too!
These canisters can be used when you want to marinate..well basically anything, like making cucumbers, pickling items, or even meats.
For our demonstration we poured in a spice mix to test how well the canister worked. The black lid simply sits on top of the canister. If you were to lift the lid before pulling a vacuum, only the lid would lift. However as you see in the second picture after we have pulled a vacuum, now when it is lifted there is a good seal and it vacuumed together. In the third picture, we have flipped the canister over to demonstrate that the lid is securely vacuumed to the canister.
The canisters are sold separately from the sealer, but we do highly recommend them too! 
vaccuum sealer 029vaccuum sealer 031vaccuum sealer 033
(This next tip was not mentioned by Weston, just a helpful tip for you)
One quick tip for another use of the canister is that you can actually sit a 1/2 pint mason jar inside the 1 1/2 quart canister, sit a jar lid on top (not the ring), and put on the canister lid and pull a vacuum. What this does is actually vacuum seal the contents of the mason jar also. This allows you to store homemade spice mixtures in airtight jars for later use or gifting.
sealer2 041
(pictured: pulling a seal in a mason jar)
Why Vacuum Seal Foods Anyway?
Vacuum sealing foods exponentially extends their storage lifespan. Really?…Yes!
Here is a chart provided from Weston:
chart of foods
As you can see Vacuum Sealing is an excellent option for storing your foods long-term and we highly recommend the Weston Harvest Guard Portable Vacuum Sealer and Canister Attachments.

Please Visit Weston to Find Out More About The Wonderful Products They Offer HERE or visit:
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  1. I have bought a Weston Portable Vacuum Sealer but I don't exactly know how to use it. Thanks for your helpful reviews!

  2. I have the very same machine you have in this blog. Although I have had 3 different models in the past several years this one is by far the best. The ease of use and the many different things that it can seal is great. If your
    Looking at buying a food saver I would certainly give this one a good look. A bit more expensive than some of the
    Others but well worth it. Everyone is being frugal and watching what they do with the leftovers nowadays…this
    Product makes short work of even the big jobs!
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