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Welcome Everyone,

I'm Sharon and I started the TTPH Blog, so I could have a place to focus more on preparedness and self-sufficiency.  My long-term goal for the site is to first and foremost teach others about the importance of prepping. In the future, we will be incorporating our own videos to teach different skills as well.

So back to prepping, why we decided to begin this journey was for two main reasons disasters obviously (we live in tornado alley & don't get a lot of snow but do get a lot of ice), but also because we see a decline in our nation both economically and morally. We are not "doomsday" type of people, and we feel that a SHTF situation does not always have to be an epic event. Realistically, a job loss, illness, injury, lay-off, etc..all could be considered SHTF situations to many. We simply believe that preparedness will help us in the future, no matter what may occur.

Please Note:

We are also firm believers in God and our 2nd amendment rights. At times, this page may contain posts regarding both (see the disclaimer page). We consider ourselves "Novice Prepsteaders", but we have made great progress towards the self-sufficiency goals we have set for ourselves.

.......This is Our Journey in Both Teaching & Learning How to Be More Self-Sufficient and Prepared!


  1. Doug (America Unplugged)January 29, 2014 at 4:41 PM

    I love this site! Want to learn more about making your own soap, shampoo etc too! So cool! Keep up the good prepping!

  2. Just found your site this morning. The name of your site is what really got my interest as I also live in an RV park in Oregon. The managers where I live let me grow a garden. I was able to sell them on the idea of a community garden. With the catch that no one else can work the garden. I didn't want anyone planting anything but heirloom seeds. And we don't use any chemicals. Its 100% natural.

    I'm looking forward to going thru your site and maybe exchanging some ideas and solutions to common and not so common problems.

    Best regards, Dean.

  3. I also live in Oregon and have not had success finding a park with like minded people. How did you find