Kelly Kettle Review

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What is a Kelly Kettle?

It’s a light-weight aluminum, yet extremely durable camping kettle and stove. Not only does it give you the ability to boil water, but you can actually use it two ways to cook. Whether you are a person who loves to camp, hike, or are interested in having a way to sustain yourself and your family in a disaster situation or simply during a power outage, this is for you!


The Kelly Kettle is offered in three different sizes: Base Camp Kettle, Scout Kettle and the Trekker Kettle. The Base Camp Kettle boils approx. 5-6 mugs, has a packed height of 13” and a diameter of 7.3”. The Scout Kettle boils approx. 3-4 mugs, has a packed height of 11” and a diameter of 7.3”. The Trekker Kettle boils approx. 2 mugs, has a packed height of 10.6” and a diameter of 5.5”.

The company also separately offers a cook set and pot support so you have the ability to cook on top of the kettle.

Because you heat the Kelly Kettle with natural available materials, there is no need to buy fuel or fire-starting bricks. You can simply use dry grass, newspaper, bits of tinder, sticks or pine cones. It can be used in various conditions, see our pic of it’s use in the snow.

Boiling Water:
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In our first test, we filled the double-walled water chamber with cold water to test how long it would take for it to begin boiling. After about 4 minutes the water began boiling! In a survival situation in particular, this would be a very fast way to use to disinfect water for drinking.

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For our second test we wanted to try cooking just with the base (see middle pic). We gathered our fuel, which was just sticks and hay and started our fire. Then our daughter decided that she wanted to throw on some bratwursts and see how well it would work as a mini-grill. Within just a few minutes we had a hot and ready snack.

In our third test we added the pot support on top of the kettle and filled the cooking pot with beef stew. One very important note: anytime you have the kettle heating you must have water in it!

Since we were just heating the stew and didn’t necessarily need hot water, we didn’t add any water in the kettle..Big Mistake! It began making popping noises so we quickly removed the kettle from the heat and filled it with hot tap water (since the kettle was already hot). Thankfully since we had quickly removed it from the heat, there was no damage to the kettle. After about 5 minutes we had a hot and ready meal, that really hit the spot as we were testing it as it was 27* and snowing.                                                    

What We Liked:

It being light-weight and all of the accessories (pot support and cook set) stack conveniently in the base. We liked that it comes with a carrying bag that can easily be thrown over your shoulder or attached to a hiking or bug out bag. It is simple to use, and as we learned can be used even in wet conditions. We also love that the double-walled chamber allows you to carry water on the go, and you can easily light a fire and heat it up too. The overall design of the product is great and gives you the ability to have clean water and a hot meal in minutes. For all of these reasons, the Kelly Kettle is definitely on our list of must have items!

 Visit the Kelly Kettle Website to Watch a Demo Here.

Grab Your Own Kelly Kettle Here.

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