Long-term Food Storage Methods

The 5 Methods of Food Storage

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The first method of food storing and the easiest is freezing foods. Many of us this do this already and yes, it’s basically the same idea. However, there are a couple different alterations for long-term food storage. First, one good tip is to prepare ahead dinner kits that are already put together and can be thrown into a pot and cooked all at once when the time arrives. An example of this is would be preparing a kit that includes vegetable's and spices into a freezer bag and a roast into a second bag. Next, you could place these two bags in a larger bag (grocery bag) to keep together. Make sure you date, and label these kits appropriately. If you chose too; and it would make things even easier for some dinner kits, is to go ahead and precook all the meals and then freeze them! Another tip is to buy bulk packages of meat when you have the extra money (watch for sales), you will get a larger amount at a smaller price this way. Also check out your local butcher shop and find out how their prices and quality compares to what you usually purchase. If you happen to use coupons, many frozen items like veggies can be picked up for pennies this way. It is important to keep your long-term foods separate so you don’t go through them if you just don’t ‘feel like cooking’. Remember, that when you use freezer products as your only long-term storage preps, you are putting everything in jeopardy because obviously in disaster situations you could lose power and all your frozen preps.

Freeze-Dried Foods: 

The second method is by using freeze-dried foods. This one in particular is an excellent option because the food lasts a very long time, some up to 30 years! Though it is possible to freeze dry your own foods, it has to be done safely and properly to be successful. Some of the types of food that you can find freeze-dried include meats, vegetables, fruits, grains, and beverages. There are many well-known companies that offer huge assortments of freeze-dried food options and sample kits. The only draw-back is that freeze-dried foods can be expensive initially, but it is important to remember it is an investment towards the future and could mean your very survival. Some of the companies that offer these products include Mountain House, Thrive, Honeyville, and Wise Foods. The following shows how freeze drying food works:



The third method is using dehydrated foods to add into your food storages. This method is super easy and can be done right at home. WildBackPacker.com explains it as “Dehydrated, or dried, food is made by applying heat to the desired food item, resulting in 98% of the substance’s water being lost to evaporation. This technique has been performed, though through different methods (air drying, sun drying, etc.), for years to preserve foods.” Dehydrating machines can be purchased for as little as $30. The option at the blue link is a good beginner dehydrator for those who are new to this method: Nesco FD-37A. Keep in mind that the higher quality unit you purchase, the longer it will last. You can also skip purchasing a dehydrator and try the oven dehydrating method as well. You can find further instructions for that here at Recession Ready America, Live Strong, and Wikihow Dehydrating Meats.

Check out also this link to find out some of the health benefits of dehydrating foods: The Healing Journal. You can also learn how to build your own dehydrator from Mother Earth News here:

mother earth dehydrator                                                                  Build a Dehydrator

                                                   or create your own solar food dehydrator:

Storing your dehydrated foods can be done a few different ways. Two of the methods I use is by placing the items in either a mason jar or a Mylar bag. Which ever option you decide to use, make sure you place in an oxygen absorber to help remove the oxygen inside as it will cause spoilage. Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers can be found here for as little as $15 for the combo: TTPH Amazon Store. Tip: If you don’t have a bag sealer you can use a hair straightener. You can also: Make Your own Mre’s with your dehydrated foods!!


Canned Goods: 

The fourth method for storing food is stockpiling canned goods. Many of these will last for a few years and can be used with or without being heated. The items can be purchased in many different sizes from individual, family size, or larger #10 economy size cans. There is a huge variety of canned products that include vegetables, fruits, meats, milks, beans, sauces, broths, and the list goes on. I would definitely suggest storing a variety of items and keeping it separate from your everyday use. Make sure you have extra quality manual can openers or use military grade manual can openers such as P38s-P51’s, you can get 15 here for around $3: TTPH Amazon Store.

Always Remember: Check The Dates & Rotate Out Your Can Goods

Dry Goods: 

The fifth method for storing food is by adding in plenty of dry goods, these provide excellent sources of fiber and proteins. The first key point to make is that dry goods like most foods, must be stored in the appropriate containers. If you choose to use plastics, make sure the container is made of food grade plastic. You can get these free from most donut shops, grocery stores, or restaurants that usually just throw these out. You can also use glass, but beware of placement so that it does not fall over and break. Types of dry foods that are excellent for long-term food storage includes : bean and rice varieties, wheat's (suggest a manual grain mill), oats, pastas, powered milk, eggs, and butter, sugar, flour, baking powders, cornstarch, etc. If you are storing in Mylar bags, again you will need to use oxygen absorbers.
Here is an awesome video that breaks down food storage step-by-step:
Long-term Food Storage How to Video….

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