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  Since We have been Discussing Food Storage, Here are some great tips from the prepper chicks!!!

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1st Steps to


Food Preps


 Begins HERE !


Buy a "Big Package" of food!


Buy food you don't know how to use!


  Freak Out! 

               Buy food that YOU or YOUR FAMILY would not eat!

Take a Deep Breath. 

There are so many options on the market for survival food. 

How on earth would you know which one to pick?


  The Average Family Eats only about 20 Different Meals.  That's it!
#1  Write down the meals that your family eats.  Include everything you can think of including special dishes you might only serve on holidays.
 #2   Make a meal plan for 3 days using the foods you listed in Step #1
 #3  Put together a list of ingredients for each of these meals. Don't forget to include any seasonings or oils you may need to make these recipes!
  #4  Think about how you would store these products separately from your standard groceries.  A tote?  Shelving in the basement?  The average temperature of the area you will be storing in needs to be taken into consideration ~ not to hot ~ not to cold.
  #5  Since this is only for 3 days, it may be possible to gather these products at one time.  Place them in a tote or in your designated area along with a copy of the  Recipe Cards and Meal Plan that you created earlier. 


You now have enough food preps to help you and your family survive for 3 days! 

Now ~ Go for 3 WEEKS!




Double it and GUESS WHAT?

You now have A YEAR!

Some Personal Thoughts:
1.  If your child only eats Mac & Cheese ~ PLEASE, add Mac & Cheese into your meal plans.  One thing you do NOT want to have on your hands in a Down Grid situation is a cranky child who doesn't want to eat his 4th meal of rice and beans.  It WILL also throw his system off balance to eat foreign foods and you could be dealing with a whole other set of issues!  Can you say Diarrhea anyone?
 2.  I am a consultant for Shelf Reliance food products ~ one of those big companies that sells the packages of survival food.  *GASP*  "WHAT?" you ask since I said don't buy one of those packages.  My train of thought is as follows:  Use the product once you have a firm grasp on your food storage.  Once you want to start implementing these products into your meal plans, start with products you can't grow/can/dehydrate yourself.  Green Beans are not a part of my shopping with Shelf Reliance since I have a ready supply of them on hand.  Mushrooms, on the other hand are and I purchase a lot of flour, dehydrated milk and freeze dried meats from them.
 3.  Learn how to cook your recipes in various forms.  Can you make a mean Tuna Noodle Casserole on your grill or over a fire?  If there were no electricity, you may need to.  Improvise your recipes, Adapt to the Situation and OVERCOME any situation you may be in!!  YOU'VE GOT THIS!
4.  Practice NOW!  Flip that breaker for the weekend and TEST YOUR PREPS!  Work out the kinks now ~ Not when it's to late!
  5.  Write everything down and keep the recipes and meal plans with the food preps.  WHY?  Because something could happen to you.  How will the rest of your family figure out what to do?  This step is more for their benefit than yours.  It is a hard reality that you must face.  Do it. 
   6.  Know the Shelf Life of the product you are storing.  Write the date of purchase and the expiration date on the item itself.  Once you have reached about 6 months worth or the end of an expiration of stored product, you will want to begin a rotation process.  Use the OLDEST preps first ~ pull out that 3 days worth of product and either utilize it for your own benefit or donate it to a food bank.                                                                             

 REMEMBER FIFO (First In-First Out)

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