Spreading the Wrong Message About Prepping…

TTPH Predator Preppers
Many people in the prepping community have been talking about the latest episode of Doomsday Preppers that featured one "prepper" that was merely preparing to TAKE other people's preps with lethal force. This not only is disgusting but makes him a thief in the making, NOT a prepper. A lot of comments I have read are from real preppers who are upset that Nat Geo even had this idiot on the show. I agree that it reflects badly on the prepping community, and makes preppers look even more bat sh@# crazy! BUT, it also is a REAL potential threat. Unfortunately, that scumbag is not alone. I know that in times of need people will do whatever it takes to feed and protect their families, however "prepping" with the intention to steal and harm people is NOT what real prepping is about! EVERYONE please be aware of this threat, preppers will not be the only targets.

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