Survival Sunday's Discussion 5: Reinforcing Your Location

Reinforcing Your Location

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Natural Disasters

In the event of certain types of disaster situations, you will need to fortify your location.
If you live in an area that experience's natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, or regular ice storms you probably already have experienced this at one time or another. 
Let's suppose though that your new to this, what should you do to help seal up your home?
So, let's take a look at some tips from here.
Outdoor Precautions For Natural Disasters- Storms & Flooding:
  1. Make Sure Your House & House Number is Visible From the Street
  2. Attach Roof Rafters to the Walls With a Metal Connector
  3. Reinforce Glass Windows & Doors with Impact-Resistant Laminated Glass Window or Door Systems- An Alternative Could Be Boarding Up Windows With Plywood
  4. Apply Permanent Shutters & Sandbag Exteriors for Flood Prevention
  5. Reinforce Doors with Reinforcing Bolt Kits
  6. Retro-fit Garage Doors with Horizontal Bracings
  7. Clean Out Gutters-To Allow Water to Flow Freely
  8. Add Waterproof Veneer to Exterior Walls & Seal All Openings
  9. Landscape with Plants That Resist Soil Erosion
  10. Trim Dead or Broken Tree Limbs
  11. Make A List of Everything That Needs Brought Inside, Post in a Spot You'll See
  12. If Your in a Mobile Home- Make Sure Your Straps & Tie-downs are Sturdy

Outdoor Precautions For Man-Made Disasters:

Examples: Rioting, Looting, Civil Unrest, etc...
  1. Make Sure Your Doors Are a Solid Material- Steel or Wood with a Steel Frame
  2. Make Sure Your Doors & Windows ALL Have Working Locks in Place
  3. Block Windows to Prevent Anyone Seeing Light Inside (I would recommend tinting your windows from the inside with the darkest tint you can find)
  4. Make Sure You Have Something Close By to Barricade Doors & Windows 
  5. Make Sure All Fences Have Working Locks..btw..Got Extra Barbwire, Use IT??
  6. Note: Taller Fences Help Deter Looters From Jumping Them
  7. Walk Your Property-What Weaknesses Do YOU See?
  8.  Homemade Booby-Traps, Really?? Yes, Think Outside the Box!!!!
  9. Utilize Motion Detectors & Cameras to Watch Your Perimeter (have solar backup) 
  10. Got A Guard Dog? Make Sure Fido is Outside Doing His Duty!
  11. Have Protection !!! Look if All Your Defenses Fail, It's Time to Take a Stand!
  12. If Hunkering in, Be Quiet! This Will Help You To Not Draw Attention.
These are only a few examples, and obviously where you live will determine which, if any of these tips you will actually be able to utilize. For instance, this can be particularly difficult if  you live in an apartment.
Remember: If You're Location Can Not Be Well Fortified, You Need to Have a Safer Location as Your Back-up. Hence, the Planning We Spoke of Last Week.
Please Let Us Know What You Thought of Our Tips, and if There's Any Others You Could Suggest Please Leave Them in the Comment Section.


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