Being a Fat Prepper, (yeah I said it)….

being a ph(f) prepper

After seeing the above very unflattering picture, I assume that either you’re reading this out of sheer boredom or just to see what that crazy trailer park homesteader lady is up to now. Either way, Thank You and Welcome!

I have been contemplating writing this article for a little while now and I should mention that the title of the article is in no way an insult to anyone. It pertains to myself, and no offense should be taken by anyone else.

So here goes…

Confession #1: I. am. Fat. …and yes, I prep. Shocked aren’t you? <insert sarcasm here>
I never really gave this much thought, it’s just me and who I am. That is, until I recently read a post on one preppers FB page that was talking…negatively about “fat” preppers. My first response was, well that person is an absolute…idiot for being hurtful to others. But of course in their own little way, they were right. I admit defeat. I prepare for the future, but realistically I have not focused enough on my own physical preparedness. Sure I grow my own organic foods, but that is obviously not enough.
 Confession #2: I am Horrible at Time Management    (no seriously, horrible at it!)
Though I am not a couch potato, I do not make the effort to purposely workout. I could make a zillion excuses right here including that I run 10-12 errands a day, take care of my family, home, blog, radio show, my schoolwork, and recently took on a part time job throughout the day. But come on, I could take 30 minutes out of the day to purposely do some kind of exercise. How will I ever run from those pesky zombies? Crying face

Confession #3: I. am. a…Pop Junkie.  (Love those 23 flavors!)
I drink entirely too much soda, lately at minimum 44oz. a day, hence…the weight. (I blame a combination of my lack of will power and .75 This will be the first thing I address as I go into my own personal “National Preparedness Month Challenge”.

Confession #4: Worse than anything else, I. am. a. Smoker. (Ugh I Know, I Know)
I picked up this horrible habit 8-9 years ago during an extremely hard time in my life and essentially haven’t been able to put it down. I have had a couple failed attempts at quitting, with my longest period only being only about 2-3 weeks. Did I mention I’m allergic to cigarette smoke..yeah I’m a genius! <insert a boatload of sarcasm here>
and lastly….

Confession #5: I. am. not..Alone, and Neither are YOU!

The current rate of obesity in the United States alone is 27.7%. If there are now nearly 4 million preppers in the U.S., that means statistically there is a good chance that 1,108,000 million of them may be overweight or obese. Although in the picture above I attempt to use humor (Phat vs. Fat), I do realize that continuing to ignore my physical health is the biggest preparedness mistake that I am making. I also know that there is no magic pill or overnight “fix”.
So I have decided to make more of a commitment to address this, and I chose to do it publically for personal accountability. If I am struggling with this, I know there must be others who are too.

My concern is that when the shtf I must be physically be able to run, hike, climb, or just walk long distances as needed, and currently I’m not sure that I would not be up to that challenge. Okay, perhaps I wouldn’t necessarily be running from…zombies or what have you, but I still must have the endurance to do everyday tasks manually… and so do you.

Would it be reasonable and more importantly honest for me to say that for National Preparedness Month I’m throwing all of these bad habits completely out the window and starting a whole new me? Umm, Negatory. However, I am willing to begin using this month to start taking the steps towards a healthier me and I invite those of you that are struggling with any or all of these issues to join me.

The Steps I’m Taking, and Invite You too Also:

  • Stop the Pop, Drink More Water, Starting Now.
  • Get Moving, Purposely Exercise 30 Minutes a Day. Add-on 30 Minutes a Day, Each Week as You are Able. (see example)
Week 1- 3o minutes daily.
Week 2- 1 hour daily.
Week 3 – 1.5 hours daily.
Week 4 - 2 hours daily.
  • Wing off the smokes. This gives me (and you) a reasonable time to do this. If you are strong willed, you may be able to just stop and that is remarkable!
  • Eat Regularly. (as opposed to my current one or two meals a day)
  • Control Sugar Intake. (pretty much a no-brainer)
  • Track Your Progress. I believe seeing the results will be motivating!
That’s it, doesn’t seem too tough right? If I can do this trust me, you can too. The point isn’t that you (or me) have to be skinny to be healthy. Absolutely Not! I am seeking to simply feel better and to know that when push comes to shove, I am prepared to meet the coming physical challenges that I believe are ahead.

If you are joining me this month in becoming more physically prepared, let me know I’m not alone by emailing me at: or commenting below.


  1. Good article on a subject that many of us struggle with. Setting up a support network is an important step in making changes!

  2. I don't drink soda,smoke or have weight issues, but I HATE to exercise. This looks like a great way to start and be accountable for my exercise or the lack of.

  3. I'm a fat prepper! It's horrible lol After a horrible health struggle I am still recovering from, i converted to healthy food choices and exercise. It's only the beginning but I am excited. The aim is to be fit, strong and healthy. So no, you are not alone! Lets do this!

  4. Oh Sister, you are right in the fact that you are not alone! I always figure if it was easy to be thin and fit everyone would be. If there was a pill you could buy then people like Oprah would have purchased it a few times already. The fact is we know what to do and we know how to do it, we just don't! I don't eat right or exercise, simple as that. Am I a fool, yes! I am wishing you the best of luck and might even change a few habits of my own!!

  5. Great article, I started doing just this a few weeks ago. And I have to say are sooo Daryl Dixon with that weapon.
    Woop woop!

  6. Hello My DARLING! Thank you for being so brave and putting this out there!
    You are right on.
    I think that Physical Preparedness is actually more important than any of the gear, food storage, or anything else we can buy.
    I am bordering on obese and have very little cardiovascular fitness. My weakness is CHIPS. I don't smoke or drink alcohol and I am happy to say that I only drink about 12 ounces of soda a week. Candy, cookies, ice cream or other sugars are not really an issue for me. But I realized just recently that CHIPS are a true addiction for me. I know I will get in trouble if I compare it to alcoholism or drug addiction. But I seem to be physically incapable of walking into the grocery without getting at least 3 bags of chips. And one of them will be completely gone that day. I simply can't have them in the house. So I will go a week without going to the store, just to stay away from the temptation.
    Fortunately, I can't stand McDonalds or Burger King and my other fast food is limited to no more than once a week. I LOVE salads with fresh chopped veggies, nuts and fruits. Except for the EVIL CHIPS, my diet is more balanced than many people I know.
    I do walk my dog an average of about 20 minutes a day over the course of a week. I would like to ramp that up more, so I will join with you on your challenge. LETS DO THIS!

  7. I started reading this and thought, that's me! And I have begun to make changes. Never thought what a great month it is to start. So my new friend, we are in this together!

  8. I am in the very same boat. I really need to step it up.