Five Steps To Becoming More Self Sufficient...

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Here in the Park, we usually refer to ourselves as "Prepsteaders."

If you haven't heard the term used before, you're probably first wondering what we mean by "Prepsteader"?

Here is the Official Trailer Park Homesteader Definition:

Prepsteader: a person or persons who are equal parts both prepper and homesteader.

(Ta Da...Snazzy, Huh !)

While we strive to be more self-sufficient daily utilizing all of the basic homesteading skills, we also prepare for coming major hardships whether man-made or natural disasters. This helps to provide for immediate needs and teaches important skills that will be beneficial in the future.

So How Can a Person Become More Self-Sufficient or Prepsteader-ish ?

1. Make Your Own Products

This can be cleaning products, hygiene products, clothing, tools, anything really !
The point is learning knowledge and skills to help you now and in the future. 


2. Grow Your Own Food

If you have never grown your own food, you are definitely missing out.
Prices are rising and growing your own can help to sustain your family.


3. Preserve Your Own Food

Can, Dehydrate, Package Dry Foods, or Freeze that bounty.
 Having a great food storage supply is not only important, but is rewarding.

canning pickles

4. Simplify Where You Can

Remove clutter, that means all types of it: material items not needed;
fears, doubts, and negativity too. Simplify all aspects and let just go!

simple life

5. Different Means of Income 

Many people already have a job, so why have other means of income..?
If that job was lost, do you have other funds to get by on, at least for a little while?
Is there a product or service you can offer, to earn extra money?
If times become tough, these skills will make you invaluable. 


Are You Already Using Some of These Steps?

If So, Let Us Know !


  1. Very good advice. What you have suggested had helped many people survive the' Great Depression'. If everyone lived by these suggestions, it would loosen the grip of the totalitarians who encourage people to go into debt so that they can then control your life. The very people who ridicule the poor and uneducated , while they are the ones who have put in place the very policies that keep many Americans poor an uneducated. Stop being fooled by either the Republicans or the Democrats who claim to be the champions of the poor.

  2. I like that you put things into steps. I am an all or nothing kind of girl. That is no way to live. I become easily overwhelmed and having this broken down is a helpful place for me to begin. While I'm only 38, I sometimes feel like "there is just no time to begin this now." Silly, I know. It's the perfectionist in me. I'm working on stifling her opinion though. Thank you, again! And to your previous commenter...YES!!