Security While Hunkered Down or Bugged Out Podcast

Podcast 10: Security While Hunkered Down or Bugged Out



In this podcast we are talking all about security! If 1 in 5 families experience a violent home invasion now, just imagine how high that number will increase when shtf? Scary! We discuss how knowing good security precautions will help you and your family. Our focus is on personal security and the planning involved. Remember, an arsenal is not enough if you either don't know how to use the weapons properly or freeze at the first sign of danger. We share insights to make you think of all your security needs and give reminders to incorporate into your own security plans.

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  1. I love the topics of podcasts you're producing! I listen to a lot of podcasts, downloading them for listening during my long daily commute. Any chance you could provide a download link for your podcasts? I'm sure I'm not the only one missing out!