D.I.Y “Mom’s Super Laundry Sauce”

Does This Stuff Really Work?

So for a while now, I had been seeing these posts all over Facebook for this “Mom’s Super Laundry Sauce” Recipe From Liss Burnell at Budget101.com. After reading a lot of the reviews about how amazing this stuff is, I thought I would make some to try out for myself using the “No-Cook” version of the recipe. I documented the process with pictures for future reference and here is what I did:
First I had my daughter Moo, dice up one bar of Fels-Naptha which is a laundry & stain remover bar that is made by Purex and can be found in the laundry isle of most stores. You split the one bar between two quart size mason jars.
After we split the bar of soap between the two jars, we added 1 1/2 cups of hot distilled water (we have very hard water) that I ran through our coffee maker, into each jar. We let the jars then sit overnight. 
The next day the liquid will be a gel like product, take a butter knife and break up the gel! Next, you add in one cup of mule team borax and one cup of washing soda.
update: Fill the jars with enough hot water until it reaches the shoulder of the jars.
Next, make sure your jar tops are dry and clean then put your blender seal on the jar and insert your blade. Then just screw the bottom part on and then blend together on the “whip” setting until it comes out with a mayonnaise like texture.



Word of Advice:
Make sure after you mix the first jar of soap, you rinse and DRY your seal and blade BEFORE putting it onto the second jar to mix. I did not, and I broke my seal !!!
Since I broke my seal and did not have a spare, I had to improvise to complete my mixing! I hot glued the blade onto the jar top and mixed it….it worked good, but afterwards I ordered new seals!
This was the final product, creamy with a bit of a gritty texture.
The Real Test:
I was worried that this product would not work well with my brand of washer because it is a H.E. and is a low water washer, meaning that it has a sensor in it the detects the amount of clothing in the washer and only fills it to cover the clothes to a certain point. It does not fill the whole tub with water, ever. Because of this, I can not use powered laundry soap because it never dissolves completely and comes out on the clothing.
Surprisingly….This Product Worked Well !
You simply add one tablespoon into each load, makes enough for 128 loads!
The clothes came out clean, smelling good, and there was no extra product left in my washer..what a relief!
I would definitely recommend this product to everyone to try!
Liss Burnell has a recipe for either a cooked version or a no-cook version.
Here is the link to both:
Cook Version -
No-Cook Version-
If You Try it Out, Tell Us Your Thoughts!

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Sharon Pannell is a self proclaimed "Prepsteader", both prepper and homesteader. She authors the blog The Trailer Park Homesteader where she teaches others about the importance of disaster preparedness and self-sufficiency. Sharon believes everyday the stuff can hit the fan, it is not one big epic event necessarily and it only takes one set back to create a hardship; so big or small prepare for it all ! Along with her blog, Sharon can also be found managing her other social media sites including her Facebook Page The Trailer Park Homesteader, TTPH Pinterest Page, and TTPH Twitter Page.


  1. I just mix/stir in a 1 gallon bucket
    Washing Soda
    Grated Zote Bar
    It works well for me, but my husband is a logger and I use 1/4 cup per large load.

  2. WOW! No wonder it works. That's the ingredients I use for five GALLONS of laundry soap.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Hello and Thank You for Your Comments! I Too Normally Just Make my own Laundry Soap, But in the Liquid Form. This Particular Recipe From Liss Burnell From Budget101.com, Was Made to Test Out. It Does Work Well as Mentioned and Makes Enough For 128 Loads. Now, I Know That is Not 5 Gallons, Like Your Normal Recipe But It Is Still A Good Amount. Once Again, Thank You For Visiting Our Page and For Your Comments !

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  4. I have been making this soap for over a year now and am happy with it....except I want more scent. Today I am trying it with an additional bath bar of my favorite smelling soap. We'll see how it works!

  5. hi there. what is powdered shortening? i'm from South AFrica. don't know this word.