Security While Hunkered Down or Bugged Out

Security Matters…

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Let me first begin by saying if a SHTF situation were to occur, there will be those out there that will most certainly do whatever it takes to get what they need. Thinking ahead now and making a family security plan will ensure two important things: First because all family or group members know and have practiced the plan, if push comes to shove they will be less likely to freeze up in a dangerous situation. Secondly and just as important, those who are able will already be experienced and knowledgeable of weapons, if or when needed.
Whether you are planning to hunker-down or get to your b.o.l., you will need a way to stay safe. In week 5 we talked about ways to fortify your home, this week we will focus on personal security. In beginning the discussion on security, we turn back to planning. Preparedness minded people already use planning to help them know what supplies they need, how to store essentials, and where they would go if need be during SHTF. So using planning for security is also one more necessary step preppers need to think about. The biggest arsenal will not help during a emergency situation if you lose your head and are taken over by fear. So, let’s begin.
~Not Everyone is a Bad Guy, But Never Forget There Are Bad Guys Out There & More to Come~
Step One: Make a Security Plan
I would encourage everyone to include all able members of your family or group in the security planning. This also includes planning for various levels of security needed. What does this mean? Well if one or two people were trying to invade your location, that’s not the same obviously as a whole group strategically invading, right ? Plan For Both. It may also be effective to chose a leader for everyone to look towards for direction. This could be the head of the household or if in a group, a person voted on. I can not specifically tell you which steps to take, I am not at your location and honestly that’s your job. But, what I can tell you is that if you fail to make a security plan then when the time comes it can end in devastating results!
Step Two: Practice the Plan
This is simple enough: practice, practice,! Run drills so that everyone knows their role and position. I would also make sure everyone knows that the arrival of strangers, does not automatically mean a fire fight. Preferably, that should be the absolute last option ! Make sure children have a pre-designated safe spot to go to, while the adults handle the conflict. If available, have at least one adult also chosen to stay with the kids. This person will serve to protect, console, and keep the children calm.
Step Three: Use Your Location to It’s Advantage
No matter the location you chose, you know it best! This includes places to hide, places others may try to hide, all entrances in and out, and locations of direct lines of sight. A lot of lessons can be taken from military defenses such as building a l.p.o.p. (Listening Post/Observation Post), exploiting prevailing weather, using force concentration, patrolling, encirclement, or pincer movements. During a SHTF situation, I think that most preppers agree and suspect that the potential for groups of people roaming around to loot or worse, is a viable threat. Having a mindset on defense is a necessity! I am including a few articles that really get into this much more and I am referring to the experts for specific details.

* I am NOT a security expert, that is why I have included other articles I have found that list other suggestions. The intent of this article is simply to express the importance of also having a security plan in place and practiced along with your other preps*

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