Survival Sunday's Introduction

This week I am starting a new feature called "Survival Sundays". While the page is about homesteading, gardening, canning, and such; we also like to talk about disaster preparedness. To keep the discussions more organized I thought that I would use Sunday's to focus on this one particular topic. Two of us from The Trailer Park Homesteader, are what you might call "preppers". No, we are not like some of the very....eccentric people on that show "Doomsday Preppers", we are more realistic I would say. Being from Oklahoma some of the natural disasters that happen here are (of course) tornadoes, ice storms, severe drought, and just like everyone else...personal hardships.

 Let me just ask you, If there was such a disaster how would you respond? Would you be prepared at all? The reality is most people would not. So, what's the harm of preparing a little? That way "if" the power goes out, or a storm approaches causing your family to evacuate, or a health issue or job loss occur; you will have made some precautions to get you through.

Disaster preparedness is not a small topic to cover. There are many things to consider and can be overwhelming. We'll take it step by step, only tackling one topic each Sunday.

This Sunday's discussion will cover the basics on 'Why to Prep'. If you find that discussion interesting, then I hope that you will come back for the following week's discussions.

We are also working on putting together small instructional videos to cover fire starting, long-term food storage, shelter building, bug-out bag basics, and much more. Look for these in the following weeks.

Thank You All For Your Support & Interest in Our Little Page !!


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