TSM Products 32298 12” Vacuum Sealer Review

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We recently had the opportunity to review the 12” Vacuum Sealer made by TSM Products and  LOVED it!
First let’s look at the official description from The Sausage Maker, Inc. :
Heavy Duty vacuum sealer that will serve well during either your farm/garden harvest, hunting or fishing season. Built for frequent use, this sealer is ready for any task you throw at it.  Stainless Steel body with gray hard plastic lid.
  • 12" Seal Bar
  • Adjustable Sealing Time • Built-in Cooling Fan
  • Efficient Double-Piston Commercial Pump
  • Pulse-vac, Manual Vacuum Time and Pressure Control
  • 28 inHg
  • 110V/60Hz 680W (cETLus)
Product Dimensions: 15 1/2” W x 11 7/8” D x 4 1/4” H


What We Thought:

We definitely consider the TSM Products 32298 Vacuum Sealer to be a commercial grade sealer. It is made with a durable stainless steel body and it super powerful! No really, we mean it! Not only did it vacuum and seal our plastic bags perfectly, it even vacuum and seals Mylar Bags with ease. If you store food long-term with Mylar, you know just how exciting that is.

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This was 2 lbs. of rice that we tested and it was firm as a brick after it was sealed!

The TSM 32298 12” Vacuum Sealer also comes with a port to attach a hose for accessories. We tested it with a Weston brand canister to see if it would work. (see picture below)

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In the picture we are vacuuming a spice mixture inside a 1/2 pint mason jar within the canister. We did have to run it through 3 cycles for the jar lid to seal, but were not too surprised since it was a different brands canister.

However, we must say that the TSM Products 32298 12” Vacuum Sealer is remarkable and we sincerely recommend it if you do a lot of vacuum sealing or plan to. For this product, the investment is definitely worth it!

This sealer was provided by The Sausage Maker, Inc. for review. Please check all of their wonderful products HERE.


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  5. Although some people might consider chamber vacuum sealers as excessive for the requirements of the home, there are actually several convincing reasons to get them instead of the more lightweight models. They are much more stable and durable, easier to use and can produce more vacuum packed bags. On top of all that, it is a breeze to pack liquids such as juices and wine in them.

    Chamber vacuum sealers are sturdier built and more hefty.

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    Chamber vacuum sealers are able to process liquids as well as solids.

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    The extent of the vacuum in chamber vacuum sealers can be modified and programmed.

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  6. Thanks for sharing this information in detail. Clear each question related to product well. Thanks again.

  7. Hi ! How do you use the vacuum sealer for yoghurt?

  8. I have purchased my first vacuum sealer and trying to use it properly, am yet to master the art of cutting the roll to make the single serving bags, hope to manage it soon. It is actually very trustworthy and keeps even the celery crunchy, to my wonder!

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