Beyond Basics with Natural Yeast: Recipes for Whole Grain Health

BEYOND BASICS WITH NATURAL YEAST: Recipes for Whole Grain Health 

As crazy as this may sound...

I never knew that yeast was something that you could make at home. But thanks to Melissa Richardson's newest book, even I am feeling confident about making natural yeast...and that is saying something!

How did a busy mom of three transform into the Amazing "Bread Geek"?

It all began with research. When the media began saying that wheat was actually bad for us in 2007, Melissa put her curiosity to work and dove head first into research. Was wheat bad? Had it always been? Or was this just another example of media hype? To find the answer that she came to, click here. 

Back to the book....

What exactly is Natural Yeast? 

According to Melissa it is, "A mixture of flour and water that houses an entire ecosystem of beneficial bacteria and yeasts."

Did you catch that?  Flour + Water = Natural Yeast 

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Melissa's book includes information and how-to's regarding working with refrigerator starters. She gives you "5 Critical Keys To Success", easy steps on how to make and feed a starter, an excellent guide on faq's and troubleshooting issues, helpful charts and best of all, dozens upon dozens of delicious RECIPES !

Some of these wonderful recipes include: 

Bread Pudding
Carrot Cake Waffles
Garden Sweet Loaf
Indian Naan
Indoor Dutch Oven Bread
Natural Yeast Soft Pretzel Rolls
Simply Sourdough Bread
Vegan Waffles
Whole Wheat Sourdough Pasta 

and a few surprising BONUS Recipes!

Are You Diabetic or Vegan? 

Don't worry at all, Melissa has recipes for you too! She also marks these particular recipes with easy to read symbols, so you can find them easily. 

Beyond Basics with Natural Yeast is beautifully made and the pictures, oh my goodness..are absolutely amazing! 

The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast: 
Did you know commercial yeast is so foreign to our bodies that many people are allergic to it? But natural yeast converts dough into a digestible, vitamin-rich food that's free from harmful enzymes and won't spike your body's defenses. Improve your health and happiness with the delicious recipes in this groundbreaking book that will teach you to prepare and bake with natural yeast!

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