Quick, Easy, and Different Dinner Idea Recipes…


German Hot Dish:

Recipe Makes 4 Servings, Double as Needed.
1 lb. Hamburger brown & drain
1 can whole kernel corn (or use fresh/frozen)
1 can cut green beans (or use fresh/frozen)
1 can carrots or peas..or both (or use fresh/frozen)
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
1 lb. bag of egg noodles
1-2 cups of shredded cheese

Brown hamburger and drain. In large casserole dish or baking pan combine meat, veggies (drained), and cream of mushroom soup. Add in one can of water and mix. Top with cooked egg noodles and cover with shredded cheese. Put into the oven for 30 mins. at 350 degrees. Serve warm, enjoy!

Kielbasa & Steamed Biscuit's:

1 package of kielbasa or polish sausage
6-8 medium potatoes cut into wedges
1 onion sliced
1 can pre-made biscuit's or homemade biscuit's (uncooked)

Place kielbasa into frying pan, dutch oven, or electric skillet. Place potatoes and onions around meat and fry until potatoes are nearly done. Lastly, set uncooked biscuit’s on top of potatoes, put a lid on and cook until biscuits are done. They will be soft, but cooked all the way through. You’ll be surprised how wonderful they taste, as they soak up the flavors from the dish.

Smothered Chicken & Veggies:

4 chicken breasts, leave whole or dice (your choice)
2 bell peppers, sliced
1 red onion
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 can of cream of chicken soup
2 cups of cooked rice

In large baking dish add in 1 teaspoon oil, chicken, sliced bell peppers and sliced onion. Bake at 350 until chicken is done. Then add in both cans of soups, 1 cup of water, and the cooked rice. Mix well, and put into the oven at 350 until the mixture is hot. If you want to leave out the rice and then place the mixture on top of a bed of rice, that is also a great option. This should be a creamy dish that serves as a terrific main dinner item.

Mini Meatloaves (Pictured):

Easy Peasy Tip: Make your favorite meatloaf recipe and cook in a muffin pan for individual servings. This is an easy portion control tip and they freeze really well if your making some ahead.

Now it’s your turn!

Give one or all of these a try and let me know if you enjoy it !

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