Do Prepper’s Have “Chicken Little Syndrome”?

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Is the earth on a irreversible path to self-destruction? Are our leaders secretly planning our demise? Is the grid and everything we have ever known going to be wiped out by an EMP, solar flare, or terrorist attack? Or are we perhaps destined to be poisoned with a man-made and intentionally released pandemic?

What Do You Think? …(Don’t worry I won’t judge you either way)

You may or may not find humor in the title, but if you are (or know a prepper) with Chicken Little Syndrome then you know what I’m talking about. All you have to do is keep up with the news reports, and it’s easy to understand WHY people can get caught up in the hysteria.

Currently there are multiple threats coming against us and many people would probably say ‘yes… but there always has been’, and those people are right. There always has been danger lurking, but it’s not hard to feel a change in the air.

Besides the typical weather related threats, now we have a major terrorist group trying to cross our borders, beheadings of American citizens, on-going protests and violence in our streets, and threats of pandemics looming over our heads.

So, is the Sky Falling Chicken Little?

Maybe... or Maybe Not.

One thing is for sure: If there ever was a time to get prepping, that time is now.
The world might not end tomorrow, but if things keep escalating on the same course they’re on, you may need those preps sooner than you think.

The first point I want to stress here is: Don’t be Motivated by Fear!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

If you let fear control your prepping, you will drive yourself and everyone around you completely nuts! Don’t do it, keep the cuckoo in the clock people! We already have enough people thinking we’re a bit nutty, don’t give them even more reasons to do so.

Instead, prepare out of wisdom. Use common sense to guide you and remember that stockpiling a hoard of supplies tucked away in a spare bedroom somewhere, does you and your family absolutely no good if you do not know how to use these ahead of time!

Focus on essential needs first:

These include water, food, heat/fire, first aid, shelter, hygiene and security. Start with planning and create a list of supplies you’ll need. Then as you can, build up your list as your budget allows. Don’t don’t don’t, put your family in a financial hardship to do this. This will only cause stress on your relationships, and you don’t want or need that nonsense. Be Smart.

After you’ve gathered some of the non-food items, use them! Gain experience using them now, while you have the time and composure.

Also Read, Read, Read! If a situation occurs that forces you to leave your supplies or they become lost: know how to build a fire, forage or snare food, build a shelter, and purify water. Hey, you just never know!

The point here is, though the sky may not be falling today; there is no shame in becoming prepared. But remember to be wise and to do it with the mindset of acquiring knowledge. Giving in to fear or the ‘doom & gloom’ attitude that is generally associated with the idea of prepping does not benefit anyone.


You don’t need to don a tin foil hat to be a good prepper, but that we’ll leave for the advanced prepping courses Smile with tongue out

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  1. I agree completely. I would rather be prepared and have nothing happen, than have something happen and not be ready for it!