Firearm Planner Review

Firearm Planner

What is a Firearm Planner?

The Firearm Planner is a special addition to The Preparedness Planner created by Jennifer from Arewecrazyorwhat?
Maintaining an accurate inventory of your prepping supplies is crucial. This also includes all of your firearms and your stored ammunition. Jennifer really took a lot of time and effort creating this awesome resource for preppers. It is a printable 17 page addition to her already popular resource :

The Preparedness Planner.”

 Let’s take a look:

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What’s Inside:

Firearm List (Your Wish List):
The first section allows you to create your own wish list for your future purchases. You could also use this section to keep track of the pricing of firearms from different sources, so when your ready you can refer back to your list and see which company actually had the best price.
Firearm Record Sheet (Current Firearms):
The second section is to record all of the firearms that you currently own. There are helpful categories that allow you to record the serial numbers, make and model, purchase price, and where you purchased the firearm. This is helpful for personal recordkeeping and in the event that you are burglarized, so you have all of the information in one place.
Firearm Inventory and Balance Sheets (2 Options):
The third section is the meat and potatoes of the whole planner. In option one, you can keep track of your general ammo inventory and rotation schedule. Options two has more detailed options and allows you to keep specific track of the ammo for each type of firearm that you own, as well as the ammo manufacturing information.
At The Range:
The fourth section, I really like because it gives you a way to keep accurate records of your shooting performance. This includes your shot accuracy, shooting position, distance, and more for each firearm you practice with each time you head to the range. Clever !


Supply List and Balance Sheet:
In the fifth section, you are given supply sheets to record your gun cleaning supplies and balance sheets. This allows you to keep a record of what you use and how much you have stored. You also have sheets to help you record all of your bullet making and reloading supplies. These sheets allow you to record these amount on a monthly basis, which is very helpful if you are a regular hunter or target shooter.
Inspection List Sheet:
In the last section Jennifer gives you a really great tool, an inspection checklist! This is great for everyone from the novice to the most experience shooters. Everyone can definitely benefit from her reminders.
Helpful Websites:
The Firearm Planner concludes with a variety of helpful websites to refer the reader to find information on state gun laws, curio & relic license information, curio & relic dealers, and multiple places to find and compare current ammo princes.


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