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 Essential Oil & Preparedness Planner Bundle !

Previously I had told you about The Preparedness Planner From Jennifer of  Are We Crazy, or What? that gave MANY helpful tools and templates to help you to inventory and track your food storage and prepping supplies. Now they have added even more wonderful section to help add in Essential Oils to your inventory !

There are not many products that I rave about, but this one I absolutely LOVE and find it to be SO helpful in our families prepping and inventory tracking. As any prepper knows, you can accumulate a ton of supplies and over time it can be challenging to know exactly what you have versus what you still need to work on. This is where The Preparedness Planner can help!

Here is a quick preview:
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Take a look at the new Essential Oils companion guide:
Now you can also keep your Essential Oils organized as well as your own blends !
Extensive Essential Oils List
Step-By-Step Directions
Essential Oil Journal
Essential Oil Inventory and Balance Sheet
Homemade Oil Blend Recipes
Blank Homemade Oil Blend Recipe Cards


A few things in particular I really love about the New Essential Oils section is the Essential Oil Journal that allows you to keep track of which oil you used for a particular family member, how it is to be applied, and you can track the results! I also love that there are Essential Oil recipes to teach you to make certain blends from medicinal blends to even natural bug repellents !

Once again, I am thoroughly Impressed by all the hard work and detail that Jennifer has put into this and I know you will be too!

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Sharon Pannell is a self proclaimed "Prepsteader", both prepper and homesteader. She authors the blog The Trailer Park Homesteader where she teaches others about the importance of disaster preparedness and self-sufficiency. Sharon believes everyday the stuff can hit the fan, it is not one big epic event necessarily and it only takes one set back to create a hardship; so big or small prepare for it all ! Along with her blog, Sharon can also be found managing her other social media sites including her Facebook Page The Trailer Park Homesteader, TTPH Pinterest Page, and TTPH Twitter Page.

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