Homesteading vs. Prepping

Are They Really So Different ?


Although some people think you can either be a prepper or a homesteader, they are both very similar.

What is a Homesteader?

Homesteading refers to “an act or instance of establishing a homestead”. So what exactly is a homestead? It is “1. a dwelling with its land and buildings, occupied by the owner as a home and exempted by a homestead law from seizure or sale for debt 2. any dwelling with its land and buildings where a family makes its home 3. a tract of land acquired under the Homestead Act 4. a house in an urban area acquired under a homesteading program.

Ok, so that definition isn’t quite how I would define a homestead. I would say that homesteading is about becoming more self-sufficient. This can be done through growing and preserving your own foods, animal husbandry, making your own textiles or clothing, cleaning & household products, finding green energy alternatives, and leading a more simplistic lifestyle.

What is a Prepper?

Now looking at Prepping, it is essentially preparing for emergency situations. Preppers store large amounts of long-term food & water storages, learn survival skills such as fire making, shelter building, water purification, trapping, communication skills, defense skills, and basic medical or first aid skills. Preppers use many of the same methods as homesteaders to ensure that in the event of an emergency they are able to be fully self-sufficient and self-reliant. That’s not to say that there are not some slight differences.
One difference would be that it is common for preppers to also stockpile weapons and ammunition for self defense situations depending on their preparedness plans. Because preppers prepare for different threats and emergencies the amount of this particular defense prep varies. Many Preppers also tend to prepare for life after critical events, whereas homesteaders tend to focus on the present.

A Third Option: Prepsteading !


A Prepsteader would be a variation of the above two; both homesteader and prepper. While they strive to be self-sufficient in the short-term utilizing all of the basic homesteading skills, they also prepare for coming major hardships whether man-made or natural disasters. This helps to provide for immediate needs and teaches important skills that will be beneficial in the future.

(Here at The Trailer Park Homesteader, we believe that it is important to be a good mixture of both!)

Are You A Homesteader, Prepper, or Prepsteader?
What Are Your Thoughts?


  1. I am working toward being both, looking to buy property that I will be able to bug in if need be

  2. Great explanation - definitely heading towards prepsteading