A Brief Thought on Bartering After SHTF

Bartering: A SHTF Necessity  

Thinking about how to acquire items needed after SHTF really got me to wondering about different types of items that would be good for bartering.
One thing a lot of people will be interested in is alcohol. Let's face it besides the medicinal uses and perhaps defense uses of alcohol, people also use it for recreational uses as well. If or when you run out of items you need, having bartering items will help you to trade for those necessities.
A few things that can be done now is to store up cheaper bottles of alcohol now, so when the time comes you have it on hand. Also available are brewing kits that teach how to brew beers or wines. These also are good skills to learn now so that you are familiar with the process and can repeat it later. As with any skill the more you practice, the better you become!

 There are tons of bartering items and skills that will be useful at one point or another. I Suggest finding something you have, can get, or a learn a new skill that makes you unique and use it to your advantage!
Some random items worth stocking up on for bartering purposes include:
first aid supplies
tobacco, papers, rolling machine
manual tools
hygiene & feminine products
winter & work gloves
dry goods
toilet paper
weapons & ammo
What Would You Add To This List?

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