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In Annie Berdel’s first post-apocalyptic book Alpha Farm: The Beginning, I found myself glued to every page vividly imagining every scenario as it was playing out on each page. Though this book is written by a woman, it is not for the faint of heart! You’re not going to find soft, fluffy, or anything sugar coated inside. It’s the real deal, and the language is too. Speaking of that, here’s your fair warning: the book does contain descriptive sexual situations (including rape) and vulgarities.

But wait…don’t let that turn you off, this book has A LOT to offer.

Annie does a remarkable job of keeping readers on their toes throughout the whole story. She also cleverly uses this book to teach others about preparedness by way of giving lists of preps, asking the reader to consider different scenario's and what they might do. Through characters, Annie also shares directions for preforming tasks such a starting a fire, I.C.E (in case of emergency) contact info, emergency binders, homemade cleaners, recipes, and the importance of having food storage, a network of trusted people and a plan in place.

About the Author:

Based in Indianapolis, Annie Berdel is a self-proclaimed advocate of educating women in the art of personal protection and self-reliance.

As an aspiring writer, Annie took her advocacy and dove into the dystopia genre with strong female lead characters.

A passion for firearms, herbal medicine, knives, slingshots, home
canning, Kali street fighting, Kempo karate and furry animals fuels
the fire and adds countless stories to be told beginning with her
inaugural book “Alpha Farm, The Beginning”.

Wife, mother, business professional and bibliophile, in her spare
time, Annie likes to stretch the boundaries of survival in a Post-
Apocalyptic scenario.

Wanting to leave The Big Blue Marble better than she found it for
her children and grandchildren, Annie is always learning, always
loving and always looking for ways to help people become self-reliant
and better prepared for whatever may come.

More About the Book:

From the beginning, Emma was always looking for modern ways to becoming self-sufficient. Following the signs of a faltering economy and a nagging in her Spirit to return to her family farm, Emma begins rebuilding a life independent from The Grid and away from her high stress corporate job.

Is it any wonder that when a localized Electromagnetic Pulse is detonated over the New Madrid Fault Line and The Grid is taken down, that Emma immediately goes into action? Well, at least until Senator Varga and her personal Army shows up at Emma’s door. That is one curve ball that Emma was not expecting.

Calling her fellow Prepper Chicks into action, follow along as a Modern Day Underground Railroad is formed, a long forgotten way of life is pulled back into action and they all adjust to A World without Rule of Law.


Grab a copy of Annie’s Book, Alpha Farm: The Beginning today and see for yourself just how real Prepper Chicks survive, even when SHTF.

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