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Aftermath: A Story of Survival by LeAnn Edmondson


LeAnn Edmondson lives in Southeast Alaska with her husband and four fur babies. LeAnn is widely known for her site She also writes for PREPARE Magazine and is a fellow member in the Professional Prepared Bloggers Network. LeAnn says that her biggest dream is to have a cabin in the woods…and high speed internet!

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Now onto the Book !!!


The Basics…

When IT happened, Jimmy Walker knew that something big was going down. This was the real deal and thanks to his prior prepping and planning Jimmy was prepared. Now that’s not to say that there weren’t some unexpected obstacles, that’s putting it mildly, there were! Jimmy sets out to bug out to his cabin and along the way escapes disaster more than once. He unexpectedly meets with some likeminded people, who eventually turn out to be more valuable than he could have ever imagined. Once the word spreads that things have fallen apart on a global level and the U.N. has seized control, people are faced with being taken captive by the U.N or form a resistance. Just when things can’t get any worse Jimmy along with his friends Captain, Amie, Al and those in their group, find themselves a target of other survivors who plan to take what resources they have …by force. Which threat is worse? Read the book to find out!

What I Loved…

To say that I was impressed is an understatement. LeAnn did an excellent job crafting a story that was so easily imagined. In my mind I could see the story playing out and it was hard not to get lost in it. Over a course of about eight hours I had gobbled up the book and was sad to get to the last page. I loved Amie’s character who reminds me a bit of a strong, sassy, and tough as nails Annie Oakley. The way she reads people and situations is clever, and often even surprised Jimmy (the main character). Jimmy is a great character who uses his prior military experience to his advantage, and finds himself in a leadership role that is surprising even to himself. Captain, Amie’s father, also ex-military and like his name falls right into the role of being the one in command. He uses critical thinking and tactical planning to try to keep his fellow survivors safe and meet the threats that they find themselves faced with.

I highly recommend Aftermath: A Story of Survival. It is fantastic and shows the importance of community and how banning together can be beneficial, especially in a survival situation.


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