All American Sun Oven Review

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(Thanks to my brother-in-law J.R. for modeling the Sun Oven)

We received our All American Sun Oven on October 17th and could not wait to test it out!

The information that came along with it said it could be used to cook bread, cakes, muffins/pizza, meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, casseroles, pasta, rice, grains, and desserts. The All American Sun Oven folds up nicely, only weighs 22 lbs. and has a convenient handle to carry it with. Besides cooking, you can also use it to pasteurize water and dehydrate foods. In a power outage situation not only would you be able to cook, but you could also clean water for drinking.

This Particular Model Came With:
  1. Two pots with lids
  2. Two baking pans
  3. Dehydrating racks
  4. Parchment paper
  5. Rocket stove
  6.    Wapi  (water pasteurizing tester)
  7. CD with Preparedness Information & 600 Recipes

The first step the instructions said, was to pour vinegar into one of the pots it came with (uncovered) and let it heat up. This process sanitizes the oven and is important to do before you begin cooking.

The First Step: Sanitizing with Vinegar

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As I was testing on a sunny day, it did not take long at all for the oven to heat up. After about 15 minutes the oven reached 300 degrees and condensation began covering the glass. I let the vinegar work it’s magic for about 45 minutes. Afterwards, I carefully opened the oven and removed the vinegar pot to dispose of. You will need a towel to wipe out the oven and absorb the liquid at the bottom on the oven from the condensation.

Now You’re Ready to Cook!

Test One: Brownies

For our first test we decided to try out some brownies. I mixed the batter as usual and put them in the baking pans. I wasn’t sure if I would need to oil the pans or not, but as a precaution I did.

sun oven 10.18.14 047

(Thanks to my nephew Lucas & daughter Maddie for modeling, too!)

sun oven 10.18.14 049

Weather: 72* degrees, Full Sun
Degrees Reached: 300
Cooking Time: 2 Hours
Special Note: Next time I won’t oil the pan, makes them a bit too moist.

Test Two: Cloudy Day Baked Chicken Thighs

For the second test, I made baked chicken thighs. This test was a bit more challenging because it was a cloudy and windy day. I had to keep chasing the sun to keep the oven focused properly within the alignment dials. Honestly, I didn’t think that it would work very well because of the lack of sun. I ended up letting the chicken cook for about 4 hours. When I brought it in I figured that it would still be raw in the middle, but to my surprise it wasn’t at all!

sun oven 10.18.14 085
                      sun oven 10.18.14 090sun oven 10.18.14 092
Weather: 69* degrees, Overcast
Degrees Reached: 200
Cooking Time: 4 Hours
Special Note: Very overcast. Longer cooking time, but meat was fully cooked after 4 hours.

Test Three: Meatloaf

For the third test, we decided to make our favorite meatloaf recipe. We combined our ingredients and put them in one of the baking pans that came with the oven, but we also wanted to test it in a Corning Ware oven-safe pan. Using both pans worked excellent even though the instructions said to use a dark or clear glass pan.

Weather: 67* degrees, Full Sun
Degrees Reached: 350-375
Cooking Time: 2 hrs. 20 mins.
Special Note: Excellent dish to make in the Sun Oven

Our Findings:

Overall we were VERY impressed with the All American Sun Oven. The product works amazing and is very simple to use. It has two alignment indicators and an adjustable stand on the back to raise and lower it, to ensure that you are lining up the Sun Oven in the correct position to maximize it’s exposure to the sun. Another cool thing about cooking with it, is that you can’t burn the food! This is especially great for those who are a bit “domestically challenged”.

Another thing I really LOVE about the company is that they work internationally to improve the lives of others and bring their products to those who are less fortunate. According to their website: “SUN OVENS International is striving to develop and implement comprehensive solar cooking programs which will radically decrease the developing world’s dependence on fuel wood and dung as the primary cooking fuels, while benefiting the environment, raising the standard of living, and improving the health of the poor worldwide.”

Look for our upcoming review that show on how to dehydrate with the All American Sun Oven!

Want to Grab an All American Sun Oven For Yourself?

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