How to Cope with Prepping Setbacks

Let’s get real for a minute…prepping costs money. I know there are dozens of people who are thinking, “yes but there are frugal ways to prep.” Those people are absolutely correct. However, life happens and sometimes there is just not enough money to go around. This is nothing new whether you are a prepper or not, at some point in time everyone hits a rough patch. Speaking from experience here!

The tough part can be not letting those rough spots cause you to just give up. It’s not uncommon to hit a brick wall once it awhile, but are you going to stand there looking at it or find a way around it? My suggestion is to get moving and don’t stop. People that stop tend to become stagnant and hardly get back after whatever they’ve begun. Don’t be that person, you’ve got potential!

Besides financial issues there are many things that can lead to having setbacks. Personal, health, and those good ol' unexpected issues. While you can’t always avoid these, there are ways to try to overcome them.

1. Realize you’re not alone, it’s true!

As mentioned above, it happens to all of us. Though ‘it’ means different things to different people, we all stumble or are forced off our path at some point. But we’re all in this together!

2. Don’t become intimidated by what’s in front of you.

Sometimes hills can look like mountains, it all depends on your perspective. Take it one step at a time, cliché I know, but seriously. Now I know this is not easy, it never is. Problems and distractions are usually temporary, and they only have the amount of control in your life …that you allow them to have. Don’t.

3. Adjust your attitude. 

That’s right, get it together. You are the master of your destiny, not the other way around. Look that problem in the eye (so to speak), and tell it to back off! (and mean it).

4. Take the initiative to develop a plan.

Outline a plan that will work for you. This will vary based upon your situation, but here’s a quick example:

Problem – Financial (basic example)

Week 1: Pay rent/mortgage & insurance
Week 2: Pay car payment & budget $25-$50 on preps
Week 3: Pay cell phone, electric, and budget $25-50 on preps
Week 4: Pay remaining monthly bills

Remember this is not a detailed budget. If you can only spend small amounts on preps (even $25-$50 a month) then do the best you can, with what you have. Besides, you’d be surprised with how fast $50 a month in preps can add up!

5. Get moving.

Okay you know: you’re not alone in this, not to become intimated by a problem, adjust your attitude, develop a plan, and finally...just get moving. You can do this! 

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  1. #3 is my biggest challenge these days. There is SO much to do! Sometimes I get overwhelmed with my own sense of urgency. So much to learn, so much to figure out. Thanks for this article, Sharon!