Long-term Food Preservation Podcast

Podcast 7: Long-term Food Preservation Methods

In this podcast we are discussing long-term food storage methods. It begins with frozen foods and remind listeners to keep these items separately from everyday meals. This part of the discussion also talks about buying meats in bulk and where you might find it. We also suggest the use of coupons to help you save money and get items for pennies or even free for your prepping! The next section discusses freeze-dried foods and their approximate shelf life. We also explain where these products can be purchased and the different types of items that are offered freeze-dried. Next, we discuss dehydrated foods, how the method works, oven and solar dehydrating, and where to purchase a dehydrator. All of the links can be found in the Survival Sunday's tab on our page. We also describe how to store your dehydrated products with mylar bags and mason jars. The next method discuss canned foods you would buy at the store and warn about expiration dates. We also discuss the importance the having quality manual can openers. Lastly, we discuss dry goods and how to store them. We give examples of dry goods that can be stored, and great reminders on how to store them also. In the article, we also included a video from Tess Pennington From @ReadyNutrition, that actually shows you how to store these if you can use a visual.


  1. I haven't been following you long but I love it ... my 1 question is: where are all these links you refer to? I can't seem to find them anywhere

    1. If you are referring to any of the links mentioned in the Podcasts, while you are on our web page just click the Survival Sunday's tab and look for the matching discussion to the Podcast you are listening for. You will be able to view the entire post and see the links mentioned :) I hope that helps !! ~Sharon