Hunkering Down or Bugging Out?


Podcast 4: Hunkering Down or Bugging Out?

A recap session of an earlier discussion on deciding whether to hunker down or bug out. It first discusses mandatory evacuations and things to think about. It also gives a bit of financial advice for new preppers and gives reminders on not breaking the bank! The discussion also reminds you that nutritional foods are important now, but will be even more so if shtf so choose good option. We discuss firearm safety and commonsense. We also discuss people with medical conditions and how important those medicines are. Next, we talk about fuel and having fuel stabilizers on hand. Having a bug out bag is great, but we also discuss storing items at your BOL prior to a disaster. Navigating a crowd with young ones can be a challenge, tether them to you for safety purposes!

(Forgive the ramblings, and the "um's" I'm just a regular gal trying to help!)


  1. You not rambling dear , anyone who try's to get good info out there is a caring person. Do all that you can do to warn, advise, and teach no matter how crazy it may sound. I have been trying to warn and get people to understand what all the things that could happen and some turn a deaf ear, and some still think the government will save them, and only a few say they will look into it. Most every thing you talked about , I all ready know. I am ready, but I still prep anyway still. and always looking for good ideas. Thanks for your site/blog and keep up the good work, Bill

    1. Thank you very much for your comment ! I do all that I can to spread the word, and I am in the same mindset as you knowing we have to try to save ourselves ! Very glad to have you here Bill, feel free to visit often and share any questions or comments. I love feedback, it let's me know someone is out there listening :)