Bug Out Bag Basics

Podcast 12: Bug out Bag Basics


In this podcast we discuss bug out bags and why you might need to have one. We briefly touch on these such as natural disasters or man-made disasters. We recommend a bag that is durable, water proof, and comfortable. Bug out bags can be purchased  ready to go or you can assemble one yourself. Do the research and find what option works for you and that is affordable. We mention again the five categories we focus on fire-starters, shelter, water purification & food, first aid, and signaling & security tools. We mention links that were included in our article on bug out bag basics, this can be found on the Survival Sunday's tab on our web page.

(ignore my snake comment..lol I was trying to mention snake bite kits)



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  2. Hey wow this is a really useful and informative pod-cast. I'm also one of those who are extremely concerned about emergencies and human survival. I already have an emergency preparedness kit for fires and I really want to have survival kits for earthquakes and tornadoes. I'd really like to appreciate you for the kind of information you've given and I'm definitely going to give it a try.