The Pantry Primer: Book Review

The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months

“The Pantry Primer”, is a book by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper. According to her book, “Daisy writes about healthy prepping, homesteading adventures, and the pursuit of liberty and food freedom”.

In the introduction section of the book Daisy shares with us about her and her daughters move from Ontario to the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Because of the extent of the move, Daisy was forced to move without her one year food supply she already had stored! She had to start all over and explores why having a well thought out pantry is important. She also gives relevant examples from history of why it is important to have a one year food supply. "The Pantry Primer" is organized into twelve chapters that cover many food pantry, preservation, and storage methods.

Breaking Down: “The Pantry Primer”

The first chapter discusses the first steps to take in planning your pantry and gives examples of what types of foods to look for. The second chapter gets into actually building the pantry and gives a list of basic and multipurpose items that are essential for any pantry. She also gives a special recipe for making her “Haystack Cookies”. In chapter three Daisy explores how home canning can help to build a terrific pantry and the cost benefits of canning. She takes this chapter a step further, and even breaks down how to can for the newbies! Chapter four is all about bulk purchases and ways to do this in a cost effective manner. She includes a break down of items she needed for her new one year supply and the cost of the items. In chapter five Daisy explores the different types of pantries including: “The Bunker Pantry”, “The Agrarian Pantry”, and “The Bargain-Hunter’s Pantry”. In this chapter in particular, I enjoyed that she explained the differences in the pantries and taught how to organize your pantry. Chapter six educates about the importance of including proteins in your pantry, the differences of meat labeling, vegetarian options, alternative protein options, and how much protein the body needs. In chapter seven we learn all about adding fruits and vegetables to your pantry. Daisy explains why the body needs these nutrients and how they help fight certain conditions. She also explores the different ways to preserve, grow, and the amount of fruits and vegetables the body needs. The eighth chapter examines basic items needed for cooking from scratch..the staple products. Chapter nine explores the topic of grains and the differences of each type. In chapter ten Daisy explains how to organize your new purchases and where to store them. She also discusses OPSEC 101, maintaining operational security for your preps and why it is important. Chapter eleven discusses how to maintain your one year food stockpile and gives examples of other items that should be stockpiled. Chapter twelve offers a review of the book and encourages the reader to begin their own primer pantry!

What I Personally Liked About the Book:

I really enjoyed the way Daisy wrote this book! She is very relatable and it almost seemed like she was speaking to a friend through the book. She is very teachable and shares her own experiences with the readers. I also enjoyed how she explained the health benefits of certain items and why they are important. I also enjoyed the examples and charts she included in the book. Even if you have a larger family then Daisy, this book will definitely help you on the way to building a great pantry. Whether you are a prepper, homesteader, or simply a meal planner..this book is one that can teach you a lot of great information!

Where to Find “The Pantry Primer”:
The Book is Offered either in paperback or e-book options!
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Author Information:

Sharon Pannell is a self proclaimed "Prepsteader", both prepper and homesteader. She authors the blog The Trailer Park Homesteader where she teaches others about the importance of disaster preparedness and self-sufficiency. Sharon believes everyday the stuff can hit the fan, it is not one big epic event necessarily and it only takes one set back to create a hardship; so big or small prepare for it all ! Along with her blog, Sharon can also be found managing her other social media sites including her Facebook Page The Trailer Park Homesteader, TTPH Pinterest Page, and TTPH Twitter Page.

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