Personal & Medical Needs For Shtf

It’s not all about beans, bunkers, and bullets!

Many times when people think of prepping, they imagine all sorts of unrealistic stereotypes. While yes preppers do store standard prepping items, when it comes to preparing for their specific families they must also accommodate family or group members that have special needs. Many of the items needed, will depend on the ages of the family members and health issues they have. We’ve chosen a few different items that our family focuses on and may serve as a good reminder for others. As you look down our list, think about what items you may have overlooked and make your own list. Some of these (in no particular order) are basic items and some are required; particularly for our loved ones.

While some natural remedies, herbs, and holistic treatments can work in place of some medications, they simply can not replace all of it. For many people medication is one of those necessary long-term items that many people will need. One close to home example for us is that our 14 year old daughter has hypothyroidism which in her situation due to the severity, is a life-threatening condition. There are some natural sources that would help maintain her thyroid health, but we have yet to find an adequate replacement.

 Diabetic Supplies:
If you have a family member that has diabetes, in a shtf this would be an immediate concern! One preventative measure, that we agree would only last short term, is trying to stockpile insulin. According to to, some insulin's types “if unopened can stay refrigerated for up to two years and once it is opened it must be used within 28 days”. Because the expiration may vary on different types of insulin products, research is key. Also it is important to know insulin has to be stored at temperature of 36-46 *F or 2-8*C. In an emergency situation not only would insulin most likely be severely hard to come by, but it also needs to be kept at the appropriate temperature. If there is no electricity available, finding other ways to store this would be vital! Denture Care Supplies:
Something to remember is that some people require the use of dentures, partials, or perhaps a retainer. For these people, thinking ahead and storing up the needed supplies would be important for their dental care. These products are fairly cheap and would be easy to store.

Washable Feminine Products:
Even during shtf, ladies will need a method to take care of their monthly issues Winking smile Using reusable and washable products may be the only way to effectively deal with their menstrual cycles. Products like Glad Rags, offer a way to do this simply !
Hearing Aid Batteries:
Having the ability to hear clearly is something most people probably take for granted. For many that rely on hearing aid products, this if of the utmost importance. If you or someone in your family is a hearing aid wearer a good personal needs product to store would be hearing aid batteries. This obviously not only will allow that person the continued use of their hearing aid, but it will also help them to maintain their personal safety as well.

 Portable Nebulizer:
A portable nebulizer (atomizer) is normally used by people with asthma and those who suffer with upper respiratory issues to take breathing treatments. A steroid is such as albuterol is placed in the nebulizer and is inhaled. Along with a nebulizer, it is recommended that a supply of also prescription inhalers be stored as well, commonly called ‘rescue inhalers’.

www.graceforrettTube Feeding Supplies:
Because we have one family member that is fed by tube only, one important prep for our group is making sure we have extra buttons, tubing, and needed supplies she needs. In a shtf situation, it would be very important to find supplemental forms of nutrition that will continue to sustain her. This is a topic we are currently exploring.

Do You Have a Family Member With Medical Issues or Special Needs?

How Do You Prepare For Them?


  1. Just actually read your intro tube feeds. Depending on her needs infant formula plus extra fluids may be and alternative...or depending on placement and what her gut can digest...powdered or canned milk with protein powder and or some sort of carbs might be acceptable. Good old cheap and maybe more easily attainable...foley catheters work as a feeding tube.. We used them in the ER as a weekend solution when tubes come out and no one was around to replace them with the correct tubing!

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