Waiting on the Apocalypse?

Let's Get Real....

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So, I have to share one thing that happened that really made me feel frustrated.
 I went to the store and began chatting with the cashier. I have known her for years from just basic interaction and she's always been really nice. She asked me what I was up too and I began to tell her about being on the +Prepper Chicks  show and talking about preparedness. Well, they have a new guy there and he began to make comments, mostly just friendly chat. So she turned to him and said "yeah she one of those end of the worlders".......??? That's what people think? .."End of the Worlders"!!!
 I said "No, I just feel that you need to be prepared for anything"..and walked out with conflicting emotions.
First, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little embarrassed by her comment. Secondly, though perhaps she meant no harm by it, it did make me mad.
So...Am I an "End of the Worlder"...??
Contrary to what her and my 16 year old thinks, No I am Not!
Preparedness isn't always about the dang apocalypse or a zombie uprising for heaven sakes!
There are many things to prepare for:
Job-loss, Illness, Injury, Financial Hardships, Natural Disasters, and yes, even Man-Made Disasters.
The other day speaking with Lori on the radio show we discussed a bit about why preppers get a bad rap. Even the terms 'prepping' and 'preppers' seem to turn people off.
But... Why?
I once explained to my 16 year old that even Christians are preppers if you think about it. They make changes and prepare themselves now for their hope in the eternal life.
But, did that register? ..I doubt it.
She, in particular is all about getting a bunker and preparing for a zombie invasion but when you break it down and explain that that's not the type of thing were preparing for, she tunes out. (I probably shouldn't have suggested her watch the remake of Red Dawn..lol) As, she say's "it's just not her thing' or 'were not getting invaded'. And I get it, I do. At 16 if my parents came to me and told me they are going to begin prepping, I would have been confused too.
But listen up people....not all preppers are nuts, so for love of all that is holy stop putting them all in one basket!
One thing I also wanted to bring up is that everyday the shit can hit the fan. It is not one big epic event necessarily. It only takes one set back, a job loss for instance can mean shtf for many people. Especially, things like a severe or life-threatening illness or treatments can be a shtf moment for others.
'Come on, you mean that you don't believe an epic shtf thing will happen'?
...yes I do believe that it is possible, just look at the state of our nation. However I feel that preparedness is also about the minor shtf moments along the way too.
So, listen little cashier lady who wanted to try and make me a laughing stock:
I AM a Prepper, from Minor to Major and I Will be Ready!
...Will You?
Your friendly neighborhood prepper.

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