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Why Survive?


Why Survive? Why Prepare? Why????


Why survive?  I ask myself this question sometimes.  I moll it over, pray on it, and rationalize it left and right.  Why? Because it is a normal thought brought on by extreme circumstances.  I am a man of deep faith, but that doesn’t mean I do have such questions. Faith without thought is not abnormal in my view. To not question anything in life, is to not use the brain that God gave you. I look at all the violence in the world and know that it is of individual choice most of the time. Sometimes people adapt to a violent lifestyle to fit in or survive their surroundings.  Perhaps they grow up into it as a cultural atmosphere and accepted way of life. Sometimes they have a brain abnormality or get so anger that they are overwhelmed with rage, which is defined spiritually as over-thinking to the point of frustration. Other times, a person has no choice because of a sense of duty and a commitment through a military contract. If it conflicts with their beliefs and they are greatly affected by the violence and death they experience, they will have issues with violence the rest of their lives.  The best they can hope for is to contain it the best they can and avoid those that provoke them and any other irritants. Even though I believe there is a course that is being taken to an end or reset, I am still driven to ask why, when, or how.  I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the never-ending struggles of life and wish I could just lie down and go to sleep. That is not abnormal to seek a break from the chaos of the human world.  Personally, I would rather live free in nature for 30 years, than 100 years in so-called civilized society.
So I come to the question…Why Survive?  Why struggle to prepare for some fate of humankind?  The aftermath of a SHTF scenario is not going to be pretty!  It will be a living hell for sometime afterward!  It will be nothing less than what Revelations describes.  It will be as The Dark Ages were, and just as violent. Why prepare for that? Why survive for that?  Let me answer with what usually comes to me in my meditation on this. I am always given the same answer that humbles my heart and calms my spirit. I prepare because I have to. It’s as simple as that. Being a man of faith, I do it because it may serve someone else someday.  My death in the worst of times may serve for someone else to live. This is what I am commanded to do.  I am serving you right now, by humbly sharing my feelings, knowledge, heart, and soul with you. I am not afraid to, because I am only doing what I am commanded to do by He whom I serve. It is my purpose and duty to bring His word to you.  His word is to prepare for you and your neighbor.  You are my neighbor. I have had many an argument with the All-Mighty in my life.  I have had a few “Captain Dan on the mast” moments, when I was drunk and let my anger and frustrations fly out towards Heaven.  I am even upset right now at some things in the world right now that could be resolved so simply. I am not a patient man when it comes to bickering and ridiculous disagreements. If there will be a wrath this time around, it will surely be fire. So why prepare?  If they is going to be some big wrath, why prepare? Because I’m told to. Some will be left.  They will need leadership, guidance, and the knowledge I and others have. They will need hunting skills, food growing skills, defensive skills, and spiritual tools to avoid conflict among themselves. Someone at some point is going to have to yell “STOP FIGHTING”, and show them how to get along.  There will have to be supplies to start a new life, and a new way. I may only survive as a future sacrifice, but at least my life will have had some kind of meaning.
If I were to prepare for surviving just to satisfy myself, I wouldn’t do it.  I would just live everyday like it was my last and burn out like a fuse. I want to survive to be of service to others.  I want my last days to be valuable.  Perhaps I may never see another great disaster, but if I due, I will be useful, instead of useless to others.  That is why a person should survive and prepare. If you are a spiritual person of faith, then you should be preparing to be of service to others. If it gets really violent and crazy, then bug-out and protect yourself as a useful tool of God for use later. Just make sure you are a useful tool of purpose, whether it is knowledge, strength, mechanical ability, spiritual guidance, or as a protector. Then you will have a greater reason to survive, than just your own self-preservation instinct.  This gives your survival more substance and meaning. A dense, fulfilling life, full of service to others gives a sense of duty and purpose to life.  We are inherently selfish do to our survival instinct, but we also have an intellect that gives us a reasoning ability and need for others. 
  A loners life is not only lonely, but also more dangerous than staying close to the herd. When you are healthy and capable, being alone may seem doable, but if you are hurt or taken sick, you will need others to help you heal and to protect you while you are incapacitated. The larger and stronger your group, the larger the capacity for survival if everyone pulls their weight. If we prepare to survive, based merely on our own personal survival, we may be more lax than when we are charged with the safety and security of others, as well. Therefore, adding others to your preparedness, even if they are neighbors that you have no personal relationship with, may not only increase your future security, but also your drive and capacity to prepare.

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