Making a Preparedness Plan

Whether you want to prepare for the short or long-term, it all begins with a plan!

Some people only prepare for certain seasons such as tornado, hurricane, or tropical storms. Other people prepare for more long-term situations and this requires more preparations. Whether you are a short-term or long-term prepper, beginning somewhere is vital.

Here are a couple helpful links:

Steps to Help You:

  1. Choose a Situation or Situations (as plans may vary based on these)
  2. Have a Good Ol' Fashioned Family Sit-down
  3. Where You Would Go in The Event of a Disaster?
  4. How Long Might You Have to Be Gone?
  5. Be Realistic in Your Plan & Preparedness Budget!!!
  6. What Supplies Do You Need?
  7. What Skills or Training Might You Need?
  8. Assess Everyone's Concerns!!!
  9. Iron Out All Details & Write it Out!
  10. If Evacuating to a Family Members Home, Plan Ahead with Them!

Stay CALM & Practice, Practice, Practice Your Plan Regularly!

Practice This Plan at Least Twice a Month.

 Have Emergency Bags (also called B.O.B. aka Bug Out Bags) Ready to Go. This is a HUGE Help and Will Help You Leave ASAP. (we'll explore these more later)

As a Family, Take First Aid, CPR, These Are Skills Everyone Should Know Regardless of any Situation.

 Also if offered in your area, take  Survival/Wilderness Classes. This will help all members to know how to build shelters, make fire, purify water, recognize wild plants and edibles. Kids will enjoy these activities, because let's face it; to them it's like camping. This may also help them to take an interest in Boy or Girl Scouts, where they will continue to learn helpful information and build their social skills. Perhaps also look into taking self-defense, tactical and weapons training as a family...?

The Fact of the Matter is...
Nothing Bad May Ever Happen...but IF it Does, 
Wouldn't You Rather Be Prepared, Than Not?

Involve Others By Talking to Them and Encouraging Them to Plan and Prepare for Their Families. The More People Around You That Prepare, the Stronger Your Community Will Be. 

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