Do You Have Emergency Water Provisions?

In an emergency situation as you know, water is vital. One of the first steps is stocking up on purified water. In the picture above you can see that this is not an expensive brand, but each case contains 3 gallons and is stackable which is helpful if you have limited space (like we do). 

One important thing to remember is that it is recommended that you have one gallon per person per day, just for drinking purposes. You should also store a second gallon per person per day for cooking and bathing. If you have pets remember to also store water for them as well, at least one gallon for pet use a day is recommended. Remember, people and pets both experience higher levels of stress in emergency situations. Both might require additional water under these circumstances.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, unopened commercially bottled water will keep safe indefinitely, as long as the bottles remain properly sealed and aren’t damaged. After long-term storage, the bottled water’s appearance, smell or taste may change somewhat, but the water will still be safe to consume, says the FDA. And while bottled water manufacturers are permitted to put expiration dates on their labels, these dates are meant to be indicators of quality, not safety.

This particular water is dated 9/25/2015. If there are any concerns when it is opened, it can be used for any non-potable water needs or it can simply be purified again for consumption.

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